ANC-hoë geskors ná Ramaphosa-opmerking

Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa. Foto: Kopano Tlape (DoC)/Flickr

Lindiwe Makhalema, die burgemeester van die Dihlabeng-munisipaliteit, is uit haar pos geskors ná ʼn Facebook-plasing wat op pres. Cyril Ramaphosa gemik was.

Makhalema is deur die ANC se provinsiale uitvoerende komitee geskors ná sy Ramaphosa as ʼn “verraaier” bestempel het.

Thabo Meeko, woordvoerder vir die ANC, het Donderdag gesê weens Makhalema se skorsing mag sy aan geen ANC-aktiwiteite deelneem nie. Sy is ook van haar pos onthef hangende die uitkoms van dissiplinêre stappe wat teen haar gedoen word.

Maroela Media het vroeër berig die betrokke opmerking is in ʼn Facebook-plasing gemaak op ʼn geslote Facebook-groep van sowat 80 000 ANC-lede. Een van die gebruikers het glo vir die lede gevra wie hulle dink die grootste “verraaiers” is, en Makhalema het geantwoord “Ramaphosa”.

Sy is glo vinnig deur lede vermaan en beskuldig dat sy verdeeldheid in die regerende party saai. Sy het egter gesê sy gee nie om of sy haar werk verloor nie en het voet by stuk gehou.

Makhalema is skerp deur Sefora Ntombela, premier van die Vrystaat, en Luthuli Huis berispe.

Die ANC het vroeër gesê dit het onlangs onder sy aandag gekom dat daar ʼn toename in verbale aanvalle en beledigings teenoor ANC-leiers, veral Ramaphosa, is en het die Vrystaatse uitvoerende komitee gemaan om dissiplinêre stappe teen Makhalema te doen.

Hulle meen dis moontlik om menings uit te spreek sonder om persoonlik aanvallend of beledigend te wees.

“Die ANC se sosialemediabeleid stel dit duidelik dat enige plasing op sosiale media wetlik, eties en met respek gedoen moet word. Reël 40 verhoed lede om uitlokkende taal te gebruik,” het die ANC in ʼn verklaring gesê.

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It eas wrong to make such a statement. Pres CR and ANC is currently the best SA has ever had in decades. She must apologise.

far out ·

at least they did not steal this time. it was on anc’s fb page. people, especially the anc should pay heed to fb’s notice that everything a person post on their fb account is and remains their property. so taking a post whether firsthand from their page or 21st hand from somebody else who reposted, is theft or plagiarism at besrt. how can you take that to prosecute tje poster an succeed in a court of law? pray do tell.


Whaaaaa ek geniet dit dat julle linkses ook nou julle alies sien julls sal besef julle is nie VER links genoeg nie . ek love dit .die fights onderling gaan die ANC binnekort op sy KNIEE bring . ek is SO bly die dinge gebeur nie net vir die wittes nie … LEKKER

Ek hou daarvan ·

Wat het van Vryheid van Spraak geword .. dit was awesome . LOOI HOM ..

J ·

Ek wens so as hulle se iemand is geskors dat hulle sal by sit Met of sonder salaris Watse straf is dit as jy nou maande dalk jare by die huis gaan sit, jou volle salaris kry en net mooi niks doen nie

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@J, it will be unethical to suspend someone without pay and benefits until proven guilty.

J ·

Hierdie tipe skorsing kan ook sonder betaling wees, juis omdat dit as straf vir die werknemer dien.

1. Die werkgewer kan my dus skors voordat ek in ʼn dissiplinêre verhoor verskyn het.
2. Indien die skorsing slegs voorkomend van aard is, moet ek betaling ontvang, maar indien dit bestraffend van aard is, kan dit sonder betaling wees.
3. Die doel van skorsings kan voorkomend of bestraffend wees, afhangende van die feite van die geval.

Outeur: Helgard Cronje

anton ·

Ver links……anc en ramaphosa die beste wat S.A nog gehad het???
Ons trek al by Junie maand. Heeltemal te laat vir ”April fools jokes” hoor!!!

Colleen ·

Wat het die agbare president anyway nou al gedoen vandat hy aangestel is?

Adam ·

Hy gaan binnekort ‘n lid van die Afrikanerbond word as hy so voortgaan.

Ver links ·

Anton, we must take in considrration that the minority has ruled over the majority for ovet 300 years and never gave the opportunity to embark on a road to prove their special abilities and input.
One can not expect mitacles in 25yrs and the ANC has brought people very close to each other, more freedom, more working class members, greater enhancement in living, free medical and education etc. Is this not much better than what happened prior to the 1994 isolation? CR will be the best for future to have equality for all and hopefully he and Julius can work close together as Mama Winnie (great Icon and Leader) has wished for.

Nel ·

…and when they had only themselves to rule – before the 300 years you mentioned – how did they put those special abilities and input to use? Pray tell.

Pieter ·

Ekskuus my – die minderheid het gladnie 300 jaar oor die meerderheid regeer nie. Jan van Riebeeck het op 6 April 1652 aan die Kaap geland. Vertel ons asb. hoe kon hy sonder selfone, vliegtuie, treine, motors en sateliete oor almal van mussina tot aan die Kaap beheer uitoefen, hulle bestuur, oor hulle regeer en hulle verdruk? Kry ‘n goeie geskiedenisboek wat die hele storie vertel, lees dit en dan gesels ons verder.

Ver links ·

@Nel & Pieter, The past history was so much twined one sided, but surely these tribes has planted crops, had cattle and many beads, mats etc was exchanged for clothing, jewellery to the Chiefs etc. Then the settlers discovered all these rich minerals and brought in more men and firearms and start their wrong spree on this innocent tribes and chase them from their land. These Colonialists travelled by horse, donkies, wagons etc and burned the poor peoples places down, take their land and cattle, force them to be slaves. Now is this Human? That is why we liberals ate against the injustice of the past and our discussions and deliberating for equality and freedom for all. We can all agree that white people has benefit over centuries and it is therefore a great opportunity today to give back and move forward in harmony.

Maro ·

Ver Links…yes what happend in history was not right…In those days its was the minority that ruled over the majority…and did not look properly after them. But even worse now is the majory not taking care of their own people…where does this leave SA?

Griet ·

Wie dink jle was di beste regering/president in di land wat na alle burgers se behoeftes regverdig omgesien het tot en met nou?

Stoffel ·

As ek so om my kyk vandag, dan moet ek Hendrik Verwoerd nomineer.

Ver links ·

@ Griet, that Question one can answer without a doubt and which the whole world has recognised, our father and Icon Pres. Mandela with the ANC. Never ever will we again have such a great Pres and leader and will be in history for centuries to come. He was a world leader in all spheres of life.

Nel ·

Your world leader was no saint. He was for decades a man of violence. In 1961, he broke with African National Congress colleagues who preached non-violence, creating a terrorist wing.
He later pleaded guilty in court to acts of public violence, and behind bars sanctioned more, including the 1983 Church St car bomb that killed 19 people.
Mandela even suggested cutting off the noses of those blacks suspected of being collaborators. His then wife Winnie advocated “necklacing” instead – a burning tyre around the neck.
What a great leader!

Ver links ·

Looking at many comments, then one come t a conclusion that there are such alot of sadness and blaming and twisting of history. Therefor the real history will become effective for the new generations to know the past and make about changes.

@ Daan, surely the forum is open for all and not for Afrikaans only. I have not notice any such requirements here, but it is ok you can speak afr I do understand as boeremeisie. The language changes and must be taken note or left behind. Let us not get angry towards each other and acknowledge the past (Apartheid) was wrong and has been acknowledged by thousands and also by Mr de Klerk and his parliament. Equality for all is what the liberals are strive for and also see Prof Jonathan Jansens latest book for some good understanding.

Suanette Ludick ·

I am getting more respect for the president Mr Ramaposa every day. He is a real leader and I have a lot of trust in him to change South Africa to a country that we all can live in.

Ver links ·

@ Suanette Ludick, thank you for such a positive comment and we see forward to people like yourself that makes a difference to the Country. I have huge respect for people like you and that is what we need, to take hands, love and help each other and move forward to a prosperous future for all.

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