Duisende DA-lede eis Zuma se kop

'n See van blou in Johannesburg. Foto: DA via Twitter

‘n See van blou in Johannesburg. Foto: DA via Twitter

Duisende DA-ondersteuners het Vrydag Johannesburg se strate ingevaar om weer aan te dring dat pres. Jacob Zuma uit sy amp bedank.

Soos ʼn see van blou het betogers plakkate rondgeswaai tydens die optog van die Pieter Roos-park in Parktown na die konstitusionele hof waar die party se leier, Mmusi Maimane, en ander leiers die skare toegespreek het.

Die optog volg op die onlangse uitspraak van die konstitusionele hof oor die Nkandla-kwessie en die openbare beskermer (OB) se magte. Hoofregter Mogoeng Mogoeng het in dié uitspraak bevind Zuma het versuim om die Grondwet te handhaaf en sy

presidensiële plig na te kom toe hy die OB se bevindinge en regstellende stappe in haar Nkandla-verslag geïgnoreer en van die hand gewys het.

Hier volg Maimane se volledige toespraak wat hy buite die hof gelewer het. Maroela Media publiseer die toespraak in Engels om seker te maak enige betekenis of konteks gaan nie verlore in die vertaling nie.

The fight for change has only just begun 

Fellow South Africans and Democrats, today we march to the Constitutional Court – the highest court in our land and the bastion of our Constitutional Democracy – to make one thing clear: the fight for change in South Africa is far from over! Rather, it has only just begun!

Jacob Zuma’s days of secrecy, dishonour and disrespect for the people of South Africa are fast coming to an end. 

The ANC’s days of placing corrupt individuals ahead of ordinary hard working South Africans are fast coming to an end. Change is coming!

South Africans from all corners of our great country – in Tshwane, Nelson Mandela Bay, and here In Johannesburg – are seeing through this man’s false promises and hollow apologies.

Just two weeks ago, this Court found that Jacob Zuma failed to uphold, defend and respect the Constitution as the supreme law of the land by disregarding the Public Protector’s report.

In any other country in the world – just as we have recently seen in Brazil – a president who violated its supreme law would certainly no longer hold the highest office in the land. 

However for the ANC corruption is protected – not prosecuted. For the ANC, the Constitution and the Rule of Law are insignificant and seemingly meaningless.

South Africans and Democrats, the ANC cannot be trusted to remove Zuma – quite the opposite in fact. The ANC created him, elected him as their leader, and protected and defended him in Parliament when they voted to block an impeachment motion. 

Jacob Zuma has no choice but to comply with the findings of the Constitutional Court, and if he thinks that he’s cleaned his hands of Nkandla he is sorely mistaken.

I want to use this opportunity to make one thing abundantly clear: you will be held accountable and pay the price for years of corruption, lies and state capture.

Though politics affects every citizen, Jacob Zuma has made this bigger than just politics. 

When he stole taxpayer money, this became more than just politics. 

When he hid behind the ANC’s abuses of power to cover up the theft, this became more than politics. 

When the Head of the Judiciary, Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, destroyed any doubt of the theft and deceit and Zuma still swore to acting in good faith, this became about more than just politics. 

Jacob Zuma: your pride and your disregard for your office are not just a political blunder. They are an insult to those who paid the ultimate price for the very democracy and Constitution that you trample on every day you remain in office, and ignore the calls of the people.

This has become more than just politics. 

Nkandla and all it represents – both of the President and his ANC government – is so much more than the R246 million. 

The DA, as it has always done, will pursue this matter in every way possible, both inside and outside of Parliament. 

We will not stop pursuing every avenue possible until Zuma and every other ANC and government official is held to account for their role in the most infamous corruption scandal since Zuma took office. 

Last week, I called for the establishment of a multi-party committee in Parliament to investigate whether Jacob Zuma misled Parliament in relation to the upgrades at his Nkandla homestead.

Today, we have submitted a letter to the President enquiring as to why exactly, after fourteen days, we still have seen no action on the Constitutional Court’s orders. I have also written to the Speaker of Parliament, Baleka Mbete, requesting that she communicates with the President, on behalf of the National Assembly, to enquire whether he has yet reprimanded the Ministers involved in the Nkandla saga, and if so, what form that reprimand took. I further requested that the reprimands be published in the ATC for information of members.

In Parliament, we will be referring the Public Works and Police Ministers to the Ethics Committee; we have many questions for them and South Africa is awaiting their answers. 

We will be introducing a Private Member’s Bill to amend the Public Protector Act in order to reflect in law the Constitutional Court’s finding that the Public Protector’s recommendations are binding. This will ensure that a President can never again attempt what Zuma so shamelessly did.

We will also closely follow the National Treasury enforcement of the Constitutional Court’s orders on how much Zuma must pay back, and submit proposals to the Rules Committee investigating why Parliament’s role has broken down and how to fix it. 

Outside Parliament, we will continue to pursue the criminal charges laid against Zuma, to investigate the role-players in this cover-up outside Parliament, and most importantly we will take our message across this country that change is possible, for South Africa deserves better than Jacob Zuma.

Nkandla represents the worst in rampant corruption, but it is just one example. Everywhere in South Africa, corruption is robbing the poorest of the poor of quality services and of the opportunity to get jobs.

We need change, and we need it now. 

The DA will fight for change through the courts, through Parliament, and through various constitutional bodies. But all South Africans ought to also fight for change through the ballot box on 3 August this year. 

South Africa deserves a government that fears voters instead of lying to them. Government should deliver results, not excuses. The DA works for the people, not the party, and you can see the results. 

The days of the ANC using votes to corrupt the State and undermine the needs of our people are coming to an end. Today, we say: We are upping the ante – Jacob Zuma and the ANC’s days of reversing the gains of our constitutional democracy will not go unchecked. We are coming for you, The people of South Africa are coming for you.

However, it’s about what kind of change we want. Many political parties will be promising change. South Africans, Democrats, I am talking about change that only the DA can bring. Change that cuts corruption and creates jobs. 

Democrats, nine out of the ten best run municipalities are DA-run. The ten worst? ANC-run. In the DA-run Western Cape we have the least corruption, the lowest unemployment, and the best service delivery. But it’s not just the Western Cape. DA-run Midvaal has the lowest unemployment of anywhere in Gauteng. We bring this difference everywhere we govern because it is part of who we are, from the ground up. The ANC knows this; they know we’re coming for them! 

Let’s tell a familiar story about the ANC and their underhand tactics. I had intended to march with the DA in Nelson Mandela Bay yesterday, but the local ANC government refused to allow it. Why? They feared it would conflict with the ANC event held yesterday. They are right to be scared! 

The DA is the most diverse party in South Africa. Today, twenty years ago, the hearings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) officially began. The TRC was a critical process of transition for our country, and as the DA we honour this process and press on to continue the dialogue that began two decades ago, rather than dividing us even further. 

For true justice to prevail, we must speak to each other, not at each other. 

The DA carries the dream of non-racialism, of freedom, fairness and opportunity forward. We focus on what brings us together as South Africans, not divisive racial politics. When we promise service delivery and good clean governance, we mean it. 

For the DA, these are not pipe dreams, they are change we commit to everyday. This is the change South Africa needs. Zuma and the ANC lost sight of this long ago; Chief Justice Mogoeng only confirmed this. We can do better; we can vote for change. 

Zuma will not change. The ANC will not change. But South Africans can change the government they have by voting for the better South Africa we all dream of.

South Africans from across the country, in every city, in every town, on every farm, in every village, must use the power they have to vote for change that will bring jobs, and services, and stop corruption.

On 23 April we will launch a manifesto for change. A manifesto which will ensure that small businesses in Soweto no longer struggle; it’s a manifesto which will cut crime in Manenberg; a manifesto which will ensure the mothers of Queenstown are able to put food on the table.

If you believe in the supremacy of the Constitution, vote for the DA!

If you believe in change, vote for the DA!




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Johann Marx ·

See van Blou. 1 T-Hemp en ‘n hamburger later….’n see van Geel, Swart en Groen. 2 T-hemde, Macdonalds EN ‘n plaas of ‘n myn….see van Rooi Beret’s. En so sal Afrika vergaan…

Karma ·

Lekker lag ek nou …. Maar ja, dit is seker waar. Mens kan sê: EFF 3 x T-hemde, ‘n stuk KFC en ‘n Big Mac, twee plase (die wit boere eers vermoor) en ‘n myn en ‘n ‘off-shore’ bankrekening … en so gaan die land wat die verdomde Jan van Riebeeck níé moes gestig het nie, gloek-gloek-gloek (soos daardie Sasol advertensie lank gelede) in die kele van die nie-Suid-Afrikaans geborene massas in af.

Die DA kan maar hop, spring, dans, skreeu, betoog, marsjeer soos hulle wil: die ANC sal nie toelaat dat die verkiesings nie in hul guns bewimpel word nie (ek vertrou die OVK nóg minder as die ANC – hulle is net die ANC se ‘hand-puppets’). Nee-wat, ek bekyk die spulletjie hier van bo-op my draad maar so en skud my kop.

Josua Keys ·

Dit is lekker om te sien dat daar n groot meerderheid swartmense is wat die optog ondersteun het en ek kry somer hoendervleis van lekker kry, dit is al wat Suid Afrika kan red want hulle is die meerderheid stem, as hulle kan sien daar is n beter toekoms vir SA sonder die ANC weet ek daar is hoop vir SA want dit is al wat ons vra van hulle, met n beter regering gaan almal hieruit voordeel trek nie net die wat in die parlement sit soos die ANC nie maar die res van Suid Afrika ook.. Dankie vir julle en doen so voort ons gaan die ANC n bloedneus gee dan sal demokrasie eers ‘n werklikheid vir almal in die land word, julle is great!!!!! en kry my respek vir julle!!!!

Ivan ·

Josua, steur jou min aan die negatiewe kommentaar, ek is bly om te sien daar is nog positiewe mense soos jy, ja ek is ook [email protected] vir al die korrupsie, ellende, boeremoorde, verkragtings ens:
Maar as ons almal draad sitters en [email protected] is, en nie opstaan vir ons regte nie, soos wat die DA ten minste probeer doen, en nie net oorgee nie, sal ons lankal geval het.

Loeis ·

Ivan, ek gaan verduidelik, sodat jy kan verstaan:
1) die ANC het in die vorige veerkiesing 62% setels gevat, die DA net mee3 as 22%, as ek reg onthhou. As jy gedink het hier is sprake van wen, stel ek voor jy besoek jou graad een wiskunde onderwyseres weer.
2) Die DA gaan waarskynlik ‘n klein persentasie swart middelklas stemme by die ANC afneem, nes die EFF die arm massas en radikales opsweep en hulle stemme werf. Nie ‘n mooi prentjie nie.
3) Die ANC gaan die volgende president aanstel, en een van hulle gunstellinge is nog ‘n Zuma (skrik tog wakker asseblief).
4) Die mense (en blankes by naam) in die DA se topstrukture het voor 1992 hard geveg om die ANC aan bewind te plaas. As jy gedink het dat hulle party nou ons redding is, verwys ek jou graag terug na punte een en drie hierbo.

Nics ·

Loeis, in plaas van negatief en/of bitsig reageer, probeer tog eenkeer optimisties wees. Ja die ANC het hul miljoene ondersteuners want die korruptes wil die korruptes aan bewind hou – vir hul eie beswil natuurlik. Maar as jy enigsins iets wil doen, PRAAT. Gesels met jonges en bediendes en werkers en vra hul of hul lewens dan nou wraggies veiliger en beter is met ANC aan bewind. Vra hulle hoe voel hul as hul karre beskadig word deur slaggate in paaie, of hoe hul voel oor ons swak hospitale en skole ens ens en vra hul dan of hul regtig NOG ‘n keer die ANC aan bewind wil hou.Eerder as om sarkasties en negatief te wees doen iets

Ekke ·

Wow!!! Dit noem ek n reenboog nasie.
Wow!!! This is a rainbow nation.

anni ·

Johann Marx jy maak my Vrydag. Kyk hoe skrik die ANC ….. grappie!!!

Rynhardt ·

Die DA se “groot messias” spreek die massas in blou toe! E-Tv wys hoe Malema agterop n bakkie die massas in rooi t-hemde toespreek in Soweto! Zuma spreek weer die massas toe in Zuma t-hemde en word staande toegejuig! Dit bring my by die volgende, aangesien sekere wittes in ontkenning leef! Waar is die leier van die Afrikaner/Boervolk? NERENS! EKskuus, ek vra om verskoning, want my stelling is nie genoeg polities korrek nie! Ek moet se die hele aangeleentheid van kleurvolle t-hemde laat my dink aan skole-atletiek!

Johann Marx ·

As ek reg onthou is die leier van die Afrikaner/Boervolk niemand anders nie as Steve Hofmyer? Hy het hierdie titel gekry saam met die Vryheid van die Dorp Ventersdorp? Ek soek my (vier-kleur) T-Hemp!!!!

Johan ·

Anta: Julle stemmers is die mees naïewe mense as stemdag aankom. Die hele tyd sien ons en hoor ons die korrupsie. Dit is so blatant mens staan verstom. Maar as stemdag kom, dan vergeet julle die blatante korrupsie. Dan gaan daar nie ‘n Gedagte op dat self die OVK korrup is nie. Dan wil julle almal beledig wat geen vertroue het in die korrupte stelsel nie. As een stem mee verneuk word in die verkiesings, dan is dit my stem en sou ek my tyd gemors het. Maar ons hoor na elke vervlaks te verkiesing van duisende korrupte stemme en verneukery. Hoor my vandag: IN AFRIKA IS VERKIESINGS ‘N KLUG. Na hierdie verkiesing sal ontnugtering die stemmers ook maar weer oorrompel…

Veritas ·

Die ANC-regering, in sy huidige situasie, kan nie bekostig om ‘n verkiesing te verloor nie. Behalwe vir die feit dat hulle dan nie meer die septer kan swaai nie, is kriminele vervolging ‘n werklikheid vir meeste van die party se groot geeste. Hulle besef dit terdeë en het reeds stappe geneem om soiets te verhoed. Indien hulle nie die uitslag van die verkiesing kan manipuleer nie, sal hulle bloot weier om die mag te oorhandig. Ek is nie ‘n doemprofeet nie maar aleer daar ‘n ander politieke party die leisels kan oorneem, gaan daar nog baie bloed in ons land vloei.

anta ·

Dit is sekke soos julle se, maar ek sal bly vertrou dat anc n minderheid stemme sal kry, en ons volk is n minderheid…ek raak aan 60 , ek weet ook n burgeroorlog is nie uitgesluit nie! En ek bid vir my volk elke aand!

Johan ·

Anta. Jammer as ek bietjie sterk oor kom. Ek respekteer jou ouderdom en jou swarigheid oor ons land en ons volk. Eintlik voel ek dieselfde. Ek wens ook daar was politieke hoop, maar daar is nie hoop uit die politiek nie. Daar is hoop alleen deur God Drie-enig se bepaling van lotgevalle. Net Hy beheer elke hart en elke omstandighede. Niks wat gebeur, nie eers die onbenulligste saak, gebeur sonder sy Raad nie. Dis in Hom alleen waar my hoop rus. Politiek in Suid-Afrika is ooglopend ‘n bedrogspul.

John ·

Moenie dat ons Oom Steve idees begin kry nie. Hy kan Die Stem sing as hy wil, maar leier van die Afrikaners sal hy nie word nie, want sy verlede sal hom net die volgende dag inhaal. Ons raak ook nou moeg daarvan om al die onbesonnenhede van ons leiers te vergewe, terwyl hulle eintlik die voorbeelde moet stel. Die regte man sal opstaan. Ons moet bid daarvoor.

Kobus ·

As enige persoon ‘n beter, werkbare en realistiese oplossing vir die land het, veg daarvoor – neem deel, dra by en doen iets. Hou net op om te kla, kritiseer en te beskuldig want niks gaan regkom met sulke houdings nie. Die regering moet by die stembus verander word en dit moet ons roeping en stryd wees. Die DA is tans die ENIGSTE oplossing vir ‘n normale verstand en regdenkende mens. Luister na Nics se goeie raad van twee dae gelede.
Praat jy net of DOEN jy ook iets?

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